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carpet cleaning islington homeThe immediate effect that comes with booking a premium carpet cleaning Islington service is a valid enough reason to choose us. We give our clients the opportunity to contact us at any time they want. Enjoy reasonable price rates and perfect cleaning quality. See the following benefits:

  • Evenly treated textiles
  • Carpet Colour dullness prevention
  • Increased fiber grime resistance
  • Unpleasant carpet odour removal

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Carpet Cleaning Service in Islington N1 Area

The carpet cleaning experts that we send are trained, vetted and fully professional. Save your free time and enjoy the benefits and final results. It would be safer and a lot cheaper for you to use a professional cleaning company such as Local Cleaners Islington. Have a sit. Make the difference. We know exactly what's inside of the cleaning supplies we use. We have a quality control and 100% satisfaction guarantee remarks. Get your carpets, upholstery and mattresses cleaned right away. Have a look at the latest methods.

Cleaning Service Info

Dry Cleaning - with a wide application in carpet cleaning in Islington, this dry compound treatment allows us to take care of your carpet, without having to use any water and leave any moisture in which we decrease the chance of mold growth and in general make it a much more convenient experience for you. The detergent itself is a granulated dry cleaning compound made of all natural materials which leave no chemical trace into the fibers of your carpets, aside from a free, clean smell. The compound is applied to the carpet with a fine brush and is then left for 10-13 minutes to absorb the dirt and grime and is then drawn out with our special vacuum machine.

Steam Cleaning - is a quick and very efficient way of removing staining and dust accumulations on a wide range of synthetic and woolen carpets, without having to worry about damage or colour deprivation. Best used in conjunction with a bio-degradable detergent, this allows us to extra stains straight away, no compromises, at all times. With a fine nozzle, we go over the stain, blast it with the mixture of steam and detergent and immediately draw it out using a vacuum. It's a quick and easy way of giving you the right results for the right price.

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