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mattress cleaning islington n1You can enjoy a good night's sleep without being bitten or experience rashes because of the bed bugs in your bed. No more odours or pet stains on mattresses. A full cleaning in just one go. If you call mattress cleaning Islington today You will enjoy much more, like:

  • Odourless mattress
  • Pet stains and smells removed
  • Cat and dog hair extraction
  • Micro-hairs extraction
  • Bed bug and dust mite extermination

With a long lasting cleaning effect, all of our treatments help promote a healthier environment for your sleeping needs anywhere in Islington N1, with special detergents used on infant cribs and dog mattresses for extra protection. Make your booking now on 020 3746 8218.

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We spend more than 1/3 of our lives in bed sleeping, don't allow that time to be spent cowering and afraid of bed bugs or dust mites, enjoy your sleep with the help of our dedicated mattress cleaning service. Local Cleaners Islington specialises in bed mattress pest control, stain removal and odour extraction. Call us at any time of the day and we will be at your disposal at the lowest prices around.

Service Information

U.V Lights Cleaning in Islington - when bed bugs infest a mattress it can be almost impossible to fully exterminate them, that is because most treatments cannot target all stages of development of the bug, but instead successfully remove either adults or young bugs. With our U.V lights, we penetrate all layers of the mattress, killing bugs in all stages of development and promoting a more hygienic environment for you to sleep on. All is then removed using a high powered vacuum machine and that's it, simple and easy as that.

Steam Cleaning Islington - sees utilisation in situations where staining and odours are the issues though it can also be used as a follow-up procedure to the U.V lights treatment. We use a narrow nozzle attachment to more efficiently target certain areas and limit the moisture exposure to the fibers as to minimize drying times. The detergent and stain react immediately and extract them with the same vacuum machine we use on the previous mattress cleaning procedure. It is fast and efficient and only requires a short drying time for your bed to be fully ready for usage. None of the chemicals we use are harmful. They are in fact bio-degradable and leave no traces in the fibers later on.

Booking & Arrangements

If you want to make mattress cleaning arrangements anywhere in N1 Islington call 020 3746 8218 or use the booking form. It is the easiest and fastest way of getting our attention. There is also a live chat which is also available for free 24/7 and is operated by the same dedicated team of customer service reps. Just call and ask any cleaning regarding questions out there.