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Rug Cleaning Services in Islington N1

rug cleaning islington n1Having so many years of experience we know which type of rug respond best to a particular service and how to properly perform it. Meanwhile, we still keep the costs down so you can afford regular visits from the professional cleaning teams in the Islington N1 area. With us you can enjoy even more:

  • Superior rug colours
  • Dirt protected fibers
  • Prolonged cleaning effect
  • Fresh smelling rooms

Not to forget the prolonged life of your rugs and the safe way we clean them. Just imagine having all of that at the same time. Wait, you don't? Give us a call at 020 3746 8218 and get your precious rugs cleaned by rug cleaning Islington N1.

Why Rug Cleaning in Islington N1?

Handling and cleaning rugs require some training and fines, not that you cannot do it yourself. With 10 years of experience, we might know a thing or two about how to properly remove nail polish from your Nan's favorite Persian rug that she got on her 25th anniversary back in 1956. Trust us with your expensive and normal rugs, and receive the best results possible in Islington N1. Don't worry, we come fully insured and prepared.

How This Service Works

Dry Cleaning Islington - should be sufficient in most cases as a cleaning mechanic as it best caters to the needs of naturally fibered rugs that would otherwise be damaged if water or heat is used to them. Generally focused towards the rejuvenation and rehabilitation of fibers and rugs, this dry treatment allows us to remove stains from satin, silk, kashmir and cotton without any damage being dealt. To properly clean your rug, we first hoover it and then we apply the compound while also embedding it into the fibers with a fine brush. It sticks to dirt and grime and makes it easier to draw out with a vacuum machine later on. After we extract everything, the rug is ready to use, no drying or further cleaning required.

Steam Cleaning Islington - is used on synthetic and woolen rugs, they can best reap the benefits that this fantastically powerful service has, with a dirt cutting edge and great anti-allergenic properties. The detergent we use is all natural and holds on chemicals or toxins in its structure, making it safe for usage around the home, on beds and everything in your home. We use a narrow nozzle to get a more precise cleaning and properly aim it at the desired spot while keeping the moisture exposure of the fibers to a minimum. Everything is drawn out and the rug is left to dry for 2-3 hours.

Book Us in Islington N1 Area

Give us a call at 020 3746 8218 and we will help you with the setup of a convenient for you time and date of our cleaning visit in Islington N1. Get your free price estimation while on the line or ask about a discount or special rug deal that we can offer you.