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upholstery cleaning islington n1As we spend a lot of time using our furniture, whether that would be a couch, your Nan's favourite arm chair or kitchen stool. It all needs a professional upholstery cleaning. With a wide range of solutions in Islington N1 at our disposal it is only normal that the service has many benefits:

  • Odour removal
  • Safe leather treatments
  • Suede sofa cleaning
  • Colour refreshment
  • Prolonged clean effects

And a special treatment that seals in the clean results for a longer period of time, keeping your upholstery clean and safe for a longer period of time. Make sure to ask for Scotchgard when calling 020 3746 8218. Book Upholstery Cleaning Islington right now!

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Take advantage of our exclusive upholstery discounts and you too can enjoy a premium furniture cleaning job for just a cup of change. All that we want to do is give the chance to save on home cleaning while still getting the same quality job everyone ask come to expect from Local Cleaners Islington during the last few years, ever since 2004 when we first started. With great customer support, constant deals and ways to save money and time, and a full insurance to keep you safe, you can't go wrong with us.

Cleaning Service Details

Leather Upholstery Treatment - most of the times the leather furniture we clean in Islington N1 area are in fine condition, but there are these rare cases where it's been a long time that the leather has seen any moisturizer, making it more likely to break and tear apart. This is why, as a way of reinforcing the leather and making it easier for us to clean, we apply a moisturizer before cleaning. It reinvigorates the pores and makes the leather more pliable and malleable. Depending on the issue at hand, we then apply a detergent that corresponds to the stain or wear and tear, and then we scrub using a microfiber cloth or a fine soft bristled brush. All of the leftover discharge is wiped clean and the leather is ready to be used once again.

Steam Cleaning - has proven anti-allergenic properties as it gathers and neutralizes the effects of dust, pollen and other common and not so common allergens found in our homes. We use a special narrow nozzle to approach the issue at a more precise angle. Spraying and absorbing any moisture during the cleaning process. We generally use a detergent with the steam jet as to dissolve stains and other unpleasant accumulations of dirt.

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To book any of these treatments, just specify exactly what you want and mention your type of upholstery and our customer support at 020 3746 8218 will do the rest. Get your free quote and also receive exclusive information regarding any discounts or promotions we have about your upholstery in the Islington N1 area.